Beyond the Sea (La Mer)

Jack Lawrence & Charles Trenet

{title: Beyond the Sea (La Mer)}
# {artist: Jack Lawrence & Charles Trenet}
{artist: (Ukulele Mike tutorial)}

{define: E frets 4 4 4 7 fingers 1 1 1 3 add: string 4 fret 4 finger 1}
{define: C#m frets 6 4 4 4 fingers 2 1 1 1 add: string 1 fret 4 finger 1}
{define: F#m frets 6 6 5 0 fingers 2 2 1 0}
{define: Em frets 0 4 3 2 fingers 0 4 3 2 add: string 2 fret 2 finger 1}

Some[C]where[Am][F]_ [G7]beyond the [C]sea,[Am]    some[F]where [G7]waiting for [C]me,[E7][Am]
[G7]My lover [C]stands on [C7]golden [F]sands[A7][Dm]
And [G7]watches the [Am]ships that go [D7]sail---[G7]ing.

Some[C]where[Am][F]_  [G7]beyond the [C]sea,[Am]    he's [F]there [G7]watching for [C]me[E7][Am]
[G7]If I could [C]fly like [C7]birds on [F]high[A7][Dm]
Then [G7]straight to his [Am]arms I'd go [Dm]sail[G7]---[C]ing.[B7]

It's [E]far[C#m][F#m]_ [B7]beyond a [E]star[C#m],    it's [F#m]near [B7]beyond the [E]moon.[D7]
I [G]know [Em][Am]_ [D7]beyond a [G]doubt[Em], my [Am]heart will [D7]lead me there [G]soon.[G7]
We'll [C]meet[Am][F]_ [G7]beyond the [C]shore[Am], we'll [F]kiss [G7]just as [C]before.[E7][Am]
[G7]Happy we'll [C]be be[C7]yond the [F]sea[A7][Dm]_ and [G7]never [Am]again I'll go [D7]sail-[G7]- -[C]ing.

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