King of the Road

Roger Miller 1964

{title: King of the Road}
{artist: Roger Miller 1964}
{define: G frets 0 2 3 2 fingers 0 2 3 1 }
{c:verse 1}  
[C]Trailer for [F]sale or rent,
[G7]Rooms to let... [C]fifty cents.
[C]No phone, no [F]pool, no pets;
[G]I ain't got no [G7]cigarettes. 
Ah, [C]but... two hours of [F]pushin' broom 
buys an [G7]eight by twelve [C]four-bit room. 
[C7]I'm a man of [F]means by no means,
[G7]King of the [C]Road.

{c:verse 2}
[C]Third boxcar, [F]midnight train
[G7]Destination: [C]Bangor, Maine.
[C]Old worn out [F]suit and shoes,
[G]I don't pay no [G7]union dues. 
I [C]smoke old stogies [F]I have found,
[G7]Short, but not too [C]big around. 
[C7]I'm a man of [F]means by no means
[G7]King of the [C]Road. 
I know [C]every engineer on [F]every train,
[G7]all of their children and [C]all of their names 
and [C]every handout in [F]every town, 
and [G]ev'ry lock that ain't locked 
when [G7]no one's around. 

I sing:
{c:repeat verse 1}

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