Ain't she sweet? (easy version)

Milton Ager/Jack Yellen 1927

{title: Ain't she sweet? (easy version)}
{artist: Milton Ager/Jack Yellen 1927}

# CPLUG songbook

{define: F#dim7 frets 2 3 2 3 fingers 1 3 2 4}
{define: F/C frets 2 0 1 3 fingers 2 0 1 3}
{define: Aaug frets 0 1 1 0 fingers 0 1 2 0}
{define: Gdim frets 0 1 0 1 fingers 0 2 0 3}

[C6]Ain't [Gdim]she [G7]sweet?
See her [C6]coming [Gdim]down the [G7]street
Now I [C]ask you [E7]very [A7]confi-[Aaug]dential-[A7]ly
[D7]Ain't [G7]she [C]sweet?

[C6]Ain't [Gdim]she [G7]nice?
Well look her [C6]over [Gdim]once or [G7]twice
Yes I [C]ask you [E7]very [A7]confi-[Aaug]dential-[A7]ly
[D7]Ain't [G7]she [C]nice?

[C7]Just cast an [F]eye [F/C]
In her dir-[C]ection.
[C7]Oh me oh [D7]my,
Ain't that [G7]perfection? [F#dim7]Oo-de-oh-[G7]doh

[C6]I [Gdim]re-[G7]peat
Don’t you [C6]think she’s [Gdim]kinda [G7]neat
Now I [C]ask you [E7]very [A7]confi-[Aaug]dential-[A7]ly
[D7]Ain't [G7]she [C]sweet?

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