All of Me

Gerald Marks & Seymour Simons, 1931

{title: All of Me}
{artist: Gerald Marks & Seymour Simons, 1931}

[F] All of me
Why not take [A7] all of me
[D7] Can't you see
I'm no good with[Gm]out you
[A7] Take my lips
I want to [Dm] lose them
[G7] Take my arms
I'll never [Gm] use [C7] them

[F] Your goodbye
Left me with [A7] eyes that cry
[D7] How can I go on dear with[Gm]out you
[Bb] You took the [Bbm6]part
That [Am] once was my [D7] heart
So [Gm] why not take [C7] all of [F] me?

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