Always look on the bright side

Monty Python

{title: Always look on the bright side}
{artist: Monty Python}
{define: Am7* frets 0 0 3 0 fingers 0 0 0 0}

# Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life    Monty Python
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# From:  Richard G’s Ukulele Songbook   

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1. Some [Am]things in life are [D]bad they can [G]really make you [Em7]mad 
[Am]Other things just [Cdim]make you swear and [Gmaj7]curse 
When you're [Am]chewing on life's [D]gristle 
Don't [G]grumble give a [E7]whistle 
And [A]this'll help things [A7]turn out for the [D]best [D7]and 
[G]Always [Em7]look on the [Am7*]bright [D]side of [G]life [Em] [Am] [D] 
[G]Always [Em7]look on the [Am7*]light [D]side of [G]life [Em] [Am] [D] 
2. If [Am]life seems jolly [D]rotten 
There's [G]something you've for[Em7]gotten 
And [Am]that's to laugh and [Cdim]smile and dance and [G]sing 
When you're [Am]feeling in the [D]dumps [G]don't be silly [E7]chumps 
Just [A]purse your lips and [A7]whistle that's the [D]thing [D7]and 
[G]Always [Em7]look on the [Am7*]bright [D]side of [G]life [Em] [Am] [D] 
[G]Always [Em7]look on the [Am7*]bright [D]side of [G]life [Em] [Am] [D] 
3. For [Am]life is quite ab[D]surd and [G]death's the final [Em7]word 
You must [Am]always face the [Cdim]curtain with a [G]bow 
For[Am]get about your [D]sin give the [G]audience a [E7]grin 
En[A]joy it it's your [A7]last chance any[D]how [D7]so 
[G]Always [Em7]look on the [Am7*]bright [D]side of [G]death [Em] [Am] [D] 
[G]Just be[Em7]fore you [Am7*]draw your [D]terminal [G]breath [Em] [Am] [D] 
4. [Am]Life's a piece of [D]shit [G]when you look at [Em7]it 
[Am]Life's a laugh and [Cdim]death's a joke it's [G]true 
You'll [Am]see it's all a [D]show keep 'em [G]laughing as you [E7]go 
Just re[A]member that the [A7]last laugh is on [D]you [D7]and 
[G]Always [Em7]look on the [Am7*]bright [D]side of [G]life [Em] [Am] [D] 
[G]Always [Em7]look on the [Am7*]right [D]side of [G]life [Em] [Am] [D] 
[A]Always [F#m]look on the [Asus4]bright [E7]side of [A]life [F#m] [Bm] [E7] 
[A]Always [F#m]look on the [Asus4]right [E7]side of [A]life [F#m] [Bm] [E7] [A] 

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