Blue Christmas

Elvis Presley 1964

{title: Blue Christmas}
{artist: Elvis Presley 1964}
# song written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson
# recorded by Elvis Presley 1957, first released as single in 1964

I have a [C]blue Christmas [G7]without you
I'll be so [G7]blue just thinking a-[C]bout you
Deco-[C]rations of [C7]red, on a [F]green Christmas tree
[D7]won't be the same dear, if [G7]you're not here with me.

{comment: }
And when those [C]blue snowflakes start [G7]falling,
that's when those [G7]blue memories start [C]calling,
you'll be [C]doing all-[C7]right, with your [F]Christmas of [D7]white,
but [G7]I'll have a blue blue blue blue [C]Christmas.
{comment: }
Ohh, ohh, ohh [C]Ahhh    Ahh ahh a [G7]ahh ohhhh
ohh, ohh, [G7]ohh Ahhhhh Ahh ahh a [C]ahh ohhhh
You'll be [C]doing all-[C7]right with your [F]Christmas of [D7]white
but [G7]I'll have a blue blue blue blue [C]Christmas

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