Ozzy Osbourne

{title: Dreamer}
{artist: Ozzy Osbourne}
{define: Em frets 0 4 3 2 fingers 0 4 3 1 add: string 2 fret 2 finger 2}
{define: G frets 0 2 3 2 fingers 0 2 3 1}
{define: Gsus4 frets 0 2 3 3 fingers 0 2 3 3 add: string 4 fret 2 finger 1}

1. [C]Gazing through the window at the [Am]world outside,
[C]Wondering, will mother earth sur[Am]vive? [G]
[F]Hoping that mankind will stop ab[Dm]using her some[G]time. [Gsus4] [G]

2. [C]After all there's only just the [Am]two of us
and [C]here we are still fighting for our [Am]lives.
[F]Watching all of history re[Dm]peat itself time after [G]time. [Gsus4] [G]

I'm just a [C]dreamer, I [Am]dream my life a[Em]way. [G]
I'm just a [C]dreamer who [Am]dreams of better [Em]days. [G]

3. I [C]watch the sun go down like every[Am]one of us,
I'm [C]hoping that the dawn will bring a [Am]sign.
A [F]better place for those who will come [Dm]after us. This [G]time. [Gsus4] [G]

#I'm just a [C]dreamer, I [Am]dream my life a[Em]way. [G]
#I'm just a [C]dreamer who [Am]dreams of better [Em]days. [G]

Your [Dm]higher power may be God or [G]Jesus Christ,
it [Dm]doesn't really matter much to [G]me. [Gsus4] [G]
With[Dm]out each other's help there ain't no [G]hope for us, [Gsus4] [G]
I'm [Dm]living in a dream of fanta[G]sy. Oh [Gsus4]yeah, [G]yeah, [C]yeah.

4. If [C]only we could all just find se[Am]renity,
it [C]would be nice if we could live as [Am]one. [G]
[F]When will all this anger, hate and [Dm]bigotry be [G]gone? [Gsus4] [G]

#I'm just a [C]dreamer, I [Am]dream my life a[Em]way. [G]
#I'm just a [C]dreamer who [Am]dreams of better [Em]days. [G]

I'm just a [C]dreamer who's [Am]searching for the [Em]way to[G]day.
I'm just a [C]dreamer, [Am]dreaming my life a[Em]way. Oh [G]yeah, yeah, [C]yeah.

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