Eastbound and down

Jerry Reed

{title: Eastbound and down}
{artist: Jerry Reed}
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[Em] [C] [A] [D] 
Well I'm [G]east bound and down, [A]loaded up and truckin'
are [F]we gonna do what [C]they say can't be [D]done
We've got a [G]long way to go, and a [A]short time to get there
I'm [C]east bound, just [D]watch ol' Bandit [G]run.
1. Keep your [Em]foot hard on the pedal, son, [C]never mind them brakes.....
let it [A]all hang out 'cause [B7]we've got a run to [Em]make [D]
The boys are [Em]thirsty in Atlanta, and there's [C]beer in Texarkana
and we'll [A]bring it back no matter what it [B7]takes
2. Ol' [Em]Smokey's got them ears on, [C]he's hot on your trail
And [A]he ain't gonna' [B7]rest 'til you're in [Em]jail [D]
So, you got to [Em]dodge 'em and you got to duck 'em
you got to [C]keep that diesel truckin'
just [A]put that hammer down and give it [B7]hell

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