Five Foot Two

The Dorsey Brothers

{title: Five Foot Two}
{artist: The Dorsey Brothers}

{comment: 1}
[C]Five foot two, [E7]eyes of blue, but [A7]oh what those five foot can do!
Has [D7]anybody [G7]seen my [C]gal? [G7]
{comment: 2}
[C]Turned up nose, [E7]turned down hose, [A7]Flaper? Yes sir, one of those!
Has [D7]anybody [G7]seen my [C]gal? 
{comment: bridge}
Now if you [E7]run into a five foot two, [A7]covered in fur,
[D7]Diamond rings and all those things, [G7]betcha' life it [D7]isn't [G7]her,
{comment: 3}
[C]Could she love, [E7]could she woo? [A7]Could she, could she, could she coo?
Has [D7]anybody [G7]seen my [C]girl? 

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