Frosty, the Snowman

Jack Rollins & Steve Nelson, 1950

{title: Frosty, the Snowman}
{artist: Jack Rollins & Steve Nelson, 1950}

{comment: Verse 1}
[C]Frosty the Snowman was a [F]jolly, [G7]happy [C]soul,
With a [F]corn-cob pipe and a [C]button nose
And two [G7]eyes made out of [C]coal.
{comment: Verse 2}
Frosty the Snowman is a [F]fairy [G7]tale they [C]say,
He was [F]made of snow but the [C]children know
How he [Dm]came to [G7]life one [C7]day.
{comment: Bridge 1}
There [F]must have been some [Em]magic in that [Dm]old silk [G7]that they [C]found,
For [G7]when they placed it [E7]on his head he be[Am]gan to [D7]dance [G7]around.
{comment: Verse 3}
[C]Frosty the Snowman was [F]alive as [G7]he could [C]be,
And the [F]children say he could [C]dance and play
Just the [Dm]same as [G7]you and [C]me.
{comment: Verse 4}
Frosty the Snowman knew the [F]sun was [G7]hot that [C]day,
So he said [F]“Let’s run and we’ll [C]have some fun
Now [G7]before I melt [C]away.”
{comment: Verse 5}
Down in the village with a [F]broomstick [G7]in his [C]hand,
Running [F]here and there all [C]around the square
Saying [Dm]“Catch me if [G7]you [C7]can!”
{comment: Bridge 2}
He [F]lead them down the [Em]streets of town right [Dm]to a [G7]traffic [C]cop,
And he [G7]only paused one [E7]moment when he [Am]heard him [D7]holler “[G7]Stop!”
{comment: Verse 6}
[C]Frosty the Snowman had to [F]hurry [G7]on his [C]way,
But he [F]waved good-bye, saying, "[C]Don't you cry,
I'll be [F]back a[G7]gain some [C]day."

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