Galaxy Song

Monty Python (Eric Idle) 1983

{title: Galaxy Song}
{artist: Monty Python (Eric Idle) 1983}

{comment: Intro: spoken}
[Gdim]Whenever life gets you [G]down, Mrs. Brown, and [Gdim]things seem hard or [G]tough
and [Gdim]people are stupid, ob[G]noxious or [E7]daft, and you [A7]feel that you had quite [D7]enou-----gh

{comment: verse}
Just re-[G]member that you're [Gmaj7]standing on a [G6]planet that's e[Gmaj7]volving
and re[G6]volving at nine-[G7]hundred miles an [D7]hour,
[D7]that's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned,
[D7]a sun that is the source of all our [G]power.[D7]
The [G]sun and you and [Gmaj7]me, and all the [G6]stars that we can [Gmaj7]see
are [E7]moving at a million miles a [Am]day
in an [C]outer spiral [Eb]arm at forty-[G]thousand miles an [E7]hour
of the [A7]galaxy we [D7]call the Milky [G]Way.

Ou-r [G]galaxy it[Gmaj7]self contains a [G6]hundred billion [Gmaj7]stars,
it's a [G6]hundred thousand [G7]lightyears side to [D7]side,
[D7]it bulges in the middle, sixteen thousand lightyears thick,
[D7]but out by us it's just three-thousand lightyears [G]wide.[D7]
We're [G]thirty thousand [Gmaj7]lightyears from [G6]galactic central [Gmaj7]point,
we go [E7]round ev'ry two hundred million [Am]years,
and our [C]galaxy is [Eb]only one of [G]millions of [E7]billions 
in this [A7]amazing and ex[D7]panding uni[G]verse.

{comment: instrumental}
[G] [Gmaj7] [G6] [Gmaj7]
[G6] [G7] [D7]
[D7] [G] [D7]
[G] [Gmaj7] [G6] [Gmaj7]
[E7] [Am]
[C] [Eb] [C]
[D7] [G] [D7]

The [G]universe it[Gmaj7]self keeps on ex[G6]panding and ex[Gmaj7]panding
in [G6]all of the di[G7]rections it can [D7]whiz
[D7]as fast as it can go, at the speed of light you know
[D7]twelve million miles a minute and that's the [G]fastest speed there [D7]is.
So re[G]member when you're [Gmaj7]feeling very [G6]small and inse[Gmaj7]cure
how a[E7]mazingly unlikely is your [Am]birth.
And [G]pray that there's in[Eb]telligent life [G]somewhere up in [E7]space
Because there's [A7]bugger all [D7]down here on [G]earth!

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