Georgia on my mind

Ray Charles 1960

{title: Georgia on my mind}
{artist: Ray Charles 1960}
{define: G+ frets 0 3 3 2 fingers 0 0 0 0}

{c:Intro: }
[C] [E7] [Am] [D7] [Fm] [C] [A7] [Dm7]
[G7] [Em7][A7] [Dm7][G+]
[C] Georgia, [E7] Georgia,
[Am] The whole day [D7] through [Fm]
Just an [C] old sweet [A7] song
Keeps [Dm7] Georgia [G7] on my [Em7]mind [A7]
[Dm7] (Georgia on my [G+] mind)
(I'm say) [C] Georgia [E7] Georgia
[Am] A song of [D7] you [Fm]
Comes as [C] sweet and [A7] clear
As moon [D7] light [G7] through the [C] pines [E7]
[Am] Other [Dm] arms reach [Am] out to [F7] me
[Am] Other [Dm] eyes smile [Am7] tender [D7] ly
[Am] Still in [F#dim] peaceful [C6] dreams I [C#dim] see
The [Dm7] road leads [C#dim] back to [Dm7] you [G7] [G+]
(I said) [C] Georgia, Ooh [E7] Georgia,
[Am7] no peace I [D7] find [Fm]
Just an [C] old sweet [A7] song
Keeps [Dm7]Georgia [G7] on my [E7] mind [A7]
I said just an [Dm7] old sweet song,
Keeps [G+] Georgia (Tacit:) on my [C] mind [Dm7]/ / /    [Cmaj7]/

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