Have yourself a merry little Christmas

{title: Have yourself a merry little Christmas}

{c: intro}
[G] [Em] [C] [D7] [G] [Em] [C] [D7]

[G]Have your[Em]self a [C]merry little [D7]Christmas
[G]let your [Em]heart be [Am7]light    [D7]
[G]from now [Em]on our [Am7]troubles will be [D7]out of [B7]sight [E7] [Am7] [D7]

[G]Have your[Em]self a [C]merry little [D7]Christmas
[G]make the [Em]Yuletide [Am7]gay    [D7]
[G]from now [Em]on our [Am7]troubles will be [B7]miles a[Em]way [Dm]
[Cmaj7]Here we are as in [Bm7]olden days
happy [Am7]golden days [D7] of [Gmaj7]yore
[Em]Faithful [F#7]friends who are [Bm]dear to us
gather [D]near to [Em7]us once [Am7]more. [D7]

[G]Through the [Em]years, we [C]all will be to[D7]gether
[G]if the [Em]fates al[Am7]low       [D7]
[G]hang a [Em7]shining [Am7]star upon the [D7]highest [B7]bough [Em] [Dm]
and [Cmaj7]have your[Am7]self a [D7]merry little Christmas [G]now.

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