I Will

Beatles 1968


{title: I Will}
{artist: Beatles 1968}
{album: ZUHSAMM}
# 1968
# original in F

{c: INTRO 1234}
[C] [Am] [Dm] [G7]
Who [C]knows how [Am]long I've [Dm]loved you? [G7]
You [C]know I [Am]love you [Em]still. [C7]
Will I [F]wait a [G7]lonely [C]lifetime? [C]
If you [F]want me [G7]to. I [C]will. 
[Am] [Dm] [G7]
For [C]if I [Am]ever [Dm]saw you, [G7]
I [C]didn't [Am]catch your [Em]name. [C7]
But it [F]never [G7]really [C]mattered. [C7]
I will [F]always [G7]feel the [C]same. [C7]
[F]Love you for-[G]ever [Am]and for-[C7]ever
[F]Love you with [G]all my [C]heart [C7]
[F]Love you when-[G]ever [Am]we're to-[Am]gether
[D7]Love you when [D7]we're a-[G]part. [G7]
And [C]when at [Am]last I [Dm]find you. [G7]
Your [C]song will [Am]fill the [Em]air. [C7]
Sing it [F]loud so [G7]I can [Am]hear [F]you. [C]
Make it [F]easy [G7]to be [Am]near [F]you. [C]
For the [F]things you [G7]do en-[Am]dear you to [C]me.
[F]Oh, you [G7]know, I [C]will [C]
{c: Outro}
 [F] [G] [Am][C7] -[F] [G] [C] (Melodie CHORUS)

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