Killing me softly

Roberta Flack

{title: Killing me softly}
{artist: Roberta Flack}


[Am]Strumming my pain with his [F]fingers, 

[G]Singing my life with his [C]words, 

[Am]Killing me softly with his [D]song, 

Killing me [G]softly with his [F]song 

Telling my [C]whole life with [F]his words 

Killing me [Bb]softly - with his [A]song. 

[Dm]I heard he [G]sang a good song, 

[C]I heard he had a [F]style, 

[Dm]And so I [G]came to see him and [Am]listen for a while. 

[Dm]And there he [G]was this young boy, 

[C]A stranger to my [E]eyes... 


[Dm]I felt all [G]flushed with fever, 

[C]Embarrassed by the [F]crowd, 

[Dm]I felt he [G]found my letters and [Am]read each one out loud. 

[Dm]I prayed that [G]he would finish, 

[C]But he just kept right [E]on... 


[Dm]He sang as if [G]he knew me, 

[C]In all my dark[F]despair, 

[Dm]And then he [G]looked right through me [Am]as if I wasn’t there. 

[Dm]But he was there, [G]this stranger, 

[C]Singing clear and [E]strong... 

{c:CHORUS 2x}

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