Nat King Cole

{title: L.O.V.E.}
{artist: Nat King Cole}

{define: D7 frets 2 0 2 0 fingers 1 0 2 0 }
{define: Gmaj7 frets 0 2 2 2 fingers 0 2 2 2 }
{define: D frets 2 2 2 0 fingers 1 1 2 0 }
{define: G frets 0 2 3 2 fingers 0 2 3 1 }
{define: Em7 frets 0 2 0 2 fingers 0 2 0 1 }

{comment: intro}
[G] [Em7] [Gmaj7] [Em7] [G] [Em7] [Gmaj7] [Em7]
{comment: repeat 3x}
[G]L is [Em7]for the way you [Am]look at [D]me
[D]O is for the only [G]one I [Em7]see
[G7]V is very very [C]extraordinary
[A]E is [A7]even more than [D]anyone that [D7]you adore and
[G]Love is [Em7]all that I can [Am]give to [D]you
[D]Love is more than just a [G]game for [Em7]two
[G7]Two in love can make it 
[C]Take my heart and [A7]please don't break it
[G]Love was [D7]made for me and [G]you

{comment: end}
[G]Love was [D7]made for me and [G]you
[G]Love was [D7]made for me and [G]you

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