Let us be happy together

Kate Miccuci

{title: Let us be happy together}
{artist: Kate Miccuci}
# http://youtu.be/uSPKSBZaMX0
# http://ukulelehunt.com/2009/06/21/kate-micucci-let-us-be-happy-together-chords/

[D]I am happy, you are happy. Let us be happy together
[G]Whether the weather is [A]rainy or sunny
[G]I will always [A]be your funny honey-bunny

[D]I am lucky, you are lucky. Let us get lucky together
[G]Whether the weather is [A]cloudy or breeze
[G]I'll be there to [A]say, "Hey, come one let's take it easy."

[G]And isn't it nice to [A]say, "I love you."

Chuga chuga choo choo. Woo woo.

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