Moon River

{title: Moon River}
#{define: Fm6 frets 1 2 1 3}
#{define: Am6 frets 2 4 2 3}

M[C]oon [Am]River, [F]wider than a [C]mile 
I’m [F]crossing you in [C]style, some [Dm]day [E7]  
Old [Am]dream  [C7]maker, you [F]heart-[Fm6]breaker,
Wher[Am]ever you’re [B7]going,  
I’m [Em7]go-[A7]ing your [Dm]way [G7]   
[C]Two [Am]drifters, [F]off to see the [C]world,
There’s [F]such a lot of [C]world to [Dm]see [E7]
We’re [Am]af-[Am7]ter the [Am6]same [F7]rainbow’s [C]end,
[F]Waiting round the [C]bend [F]my Huckleberry [C]friend
[Am]Moon [Dm]River, [G7]and  [C]me. 

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