Oh, Susanna


{title: Oh, Susanna}
{artist: traditional}

I [C]come from Alabama with a banjo on my [G7]knee 
I'm [C]going to Lousiana, my true love [G7]for to [C]see. 
It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was [G7]dry 
The [C]sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna, [G7]don't you [C]cry. [C7]   
[F]Oh, Susanna, Oh [C]don't you cry for [G7]me 
'Cause I [C]come from Alabama with an banjo [G7]on my [C]knee 
I [C]had a dream the other night when everything was [G7]still 
I [C]thought I saw Susanna dear, a-comin' [G7]down the [C]hill. 
A buckwheat cake was in her mouth, a tear was in her [G7]eye, 
Says [C]I, "i'm coming from the South, Susanna, [G7]don't you [C]cry."[C7]   
I soon will be in New Orleans, And then I’ll look all ‘round, 
And when I find Susanna, I’ll fall upon the ground. 
But if I do not find her, This man’ll surely die, 
And when I’m dead and buried, Susanna don’t you cry. 
 Chorus X2

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