Singing In The Rain

Gene Kelly, 1952

{t: Singing In The Rain}
{artist: Gene Kelly, 1952}
{c: }

I'm [G]singin' in the rain 
Just [D]singin' in the rain
What a [A]glorious feelin'
I'm [Bm]happy a-[D7]gain
I'm [G]laughin' at clouds, so [D]dark up a-[D7]bove
The [Am7]sun's in my [D7]heart and I'm [Bm]ready for [D]love
{c: }

Let the [G]stormy clouds chase  
Every-[D]one from the place
Come [A]on with the rain
I've a [Bm]smile on my [D7]face
I [Am7]walk down the [D7]lane with a [Am7]happy re-[D7]frain
Just [Am7]dancin' and [D7]singin' in the [G]rain

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