Summertime (Am)

George Gershwin

{title: Summertime (Am)}
{artist: George Gershwin}

Summer[Am]time... [E7]and the livin’ is [Am]easy. 

Fish are [Dm]jumpin’... and the cotton is [E7]high. 

Your daddy’s [Am]rich... and your[E7] mamma’s good [Am]lookin’, 

So [C]hush little [Am]baby, [E7]don’t you [Am]cry. 

[Am]One of these mornings[E7], 

You’re going to rise up [Am]singing. 

Then you’ll [Dm]spread your wings, 

And you’ll take to the [E7]sky. 

But till [Am]that morning, [E7]

There’s a’ nothing can[Am] harm you, 

With [C]daddy and [Am]mamma 

[E7]Standing [Am]by.

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