The Rainbow Connection (v2)

linear tuning

Kermit the Frog

{title: The Rainbow Connection (v2)}
{artist: Kermit the Frog}
{st: linear tuning}
# my special edition

# The Daily Ukulele vol 1

{define: C frets 5 4 3 3 fingers 3 2 1 1}
{define: BbM7 frets 3 2 1 0 fingers 3 2 1 0}
{define: D7 frets 2 0 2 0 fingers 2 0 3 0}
{define: Am frets 2 0 0 0 fingers 2 0 0 0}
{define: C# frets 6 5 4 4 fingers 3 2 1 1}

{c: Intro (4x)}
{comment: 1}
[F]Why are there [Dm]so many_ [Gm7]songs about [Bb]rain[C]bows 
and [F]what's on the [Dm]o-ther [Bb]side?[C7]__ 
[F]Rainbows are [Dm]visions, but [Gm7]only il-[Bb]lu-[C]sions
and [F]rainbows have [Dm]nothing to [Bb]hide.__

[BbM7]So we've been told and some choose to believe it.__
[Em]I know they're wrong, wait and see.__
[Gm7]Someday we'll [C7]find it, the [Am]rainbow [D7]connection;
the [Gm7]lovers, the [C7]dreamers and [F]me.__
{c: 2x intro}
{c: 2}
[F]Who said that [Dm]ev'ry wish would [Gm7]be heard and [Bb]ans[C]wered 
when [F]wished on the [Dm]morning [Bb]star?[C7]__ 
[F]Somebody [Dm]thought of that and [Gm7]someone be[Bb]lieved [C]it.
[F]Look what it's [Dm]done_ so [Bb]far.__ 

[BbM7]What's so amazing that keeps us stargazing, 
and [Em]what do we think we might see?__
[Gm7]Someday we'll [C7]find it, the [Am]rainbow [D7]connection;
the [Gm7]lovers, the [C7]dreamers and [F]me.__
{comment: bridge}
[C]All of us [Dm]under it's [F]spell._
We [Bb]know that it's [F]probably [Bb]mag-[C]ic.
{comment: 3}
[F#]Have you been [D#m]half asleep and [B]have you heard [C#]voices?
[F#]I've heard them [D#m]calling my [B]name.__  
[F#]Is this the [D#m]sweet sound that [B]calls the young [C#]sailors?
The [F#]voice might be [D#m]one and the [B]same.__  

[Bmaj7]I've heard it too many times to ignore it.
[Bbm]It's something that I'm s'pposed to be.

[G#m7]Someday we'll [C#7]find it, the [Bbm]rainbow [D#7]connection;
the [G#m7]lovers, the [C#7]dreamers and [F#]me.__
[C#]La da da [D#m]dee, da da [F#]do,_
la [B]la da da [C#7]da de da [F#]do.__ 

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