The Sound of Silence (simplified)

Simon & Garfunkel 1964

{title: The Sound of Silence (simplified)}
{artist: Simon & Garfunkel 1964}
{define: Fsus4 frets 3 0 1 1 fingers 3 0 1 1 add: string 1 fret 2 finger 2}

{c: Fsus4 ist optional, kann man auch weglassen :)}
[Dsus2]___ Hello darkness, my old [C]friend
I've come to talk with you a[Dsus2]gain
Because a vision soft-[Bb]ly cree-[F]ping
Left its seeds while I [Bb]was slee-[F]ping
And the [Bb]vision that was [Bb]planted in my [F]brain
[Fsus4]Still re[F]mains  [Dm]
[F]Within the [C]sound of [Dm]silence.

In restless dreams I walked a[C]lone
Narrow streets of cobble[Dm]stone [C] [Dm]
'Neath the halo of [Bb]a street[F]lamp
I turned my collar to the [Bb]cold and [F]damp
When my [Bb]eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon [F]light
[Fsus4]That split the [F]night  [Dm]
[F]And touched the [C]sound of [Dm]silence. [C] [Dm]

And in the naked light I [C]saw
Ten thousand people, maybe [Dm]more  [C] [Dm]
People talking with-[Bb]out spea-[F]king
People hearing with-[Bb]out liste-[F]ning
People writing [Bb]songs that voices never [F]share
[Fsus4]No one [F]dare  [Dm]
[F]Disturb the [C]sound of [Dm]silence. [C] [Dm]

"Fools" said I, "You do not [C]know
Silence like a cancer [Dm]grows  [C] [Dm]
Hear my words that I [Bb]might teach [F]you
Take my arms that I [Bb]might reach [F]you"
But my [Bb]words like silent raindrops [F]fell [Fsus4] [F] [Dm]
And [F]echoed in the [C]wells of [Dm]silence. [C] [Dm]

And the people bowed and [C]prayed
To the neon god they [Dm]made [C] [Dm]
And the sign flashed out [Bb]its war-[F]ning
In the words that it [Bb]was for-[F]ming
And the sign said "The [Bb]words of the prophets
Are written on the subway [F]walls
[Fsus4]And tenement [F]halls [Dm]
[F]And whispered in the [C]sounds of [Dsus2]silence." [Dm]

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