The Wild Rover

Dubliners (Irish traditional)

{title: The Wild Rover}
{artist: Dubliners (Irish traditional)}
# Tabbed by Eduard Möllenkamp, 2003
{define: D7 frets 2 0 2 0 fingers 1 0 2 0}

I've [G]been a wild rover for many's a [C]year
I [G]spent all me [C]money on [D7]whiskey and [G]beer
But [G]now I'm returning with gold in great [C]store
And [G]I never will [C]play the [D7]wild rover no [G]more

{comment: chorus}
And it's [D7]no nay never, _ _ _ [G]no nay never no [C]more   
Will I [G]play the wild [C]rover, no [D7]never, no [G]more

I [G]went in to an alehouse I used to fre[C]quent
And I [G]told the land[C]lady me [D7]money was [G]spent
I [G]asked her for credit, she answered me "[C]Nay!"
"Such a [G]customer as [C]yours I could [D7]have any [G]day!"

{comment: chorus}

I [G]took out of me pocket ten sovereigns [C]bright
And the [G]landlady's [C]eyes opened [D7]wide with de[G]light
She [G]said: "I have whiskeys and wines on the [C]best!
And the [G]words that I [C]told you were [D7]only in [G]jest!"

{comment: chorus}

I'll go [G]home to my parents, confess what I've [C]done
And I'll [G]ask them to [C]pardon their [D7]prodigal [G]son
And [G]when they've caressed me as oft times be[C]fore
I [G]never will [C]play the wild [D7]rover no [G]more.

{comment: chorus 2x}

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