Ukulele Lady

Richard Whiting, Gus Kahn, 1925

{t:Ukulele Lady}
{artist:Richard Whiting, Gus Kahn, 1925}
# lyrics from Richard G's Ukulele Songbook, 
# chords from Ukulele Mike's video tutorial

{define: Fmaj7 frets 2 0 0 0 fingers 2 0 0 0}

[F]I saw the splendor of the moonlight on Hono-[Db7]lu--[C7]lu [F]Bay
[F]There's something tender in the moonlight on Hono-[Db7]lu--[C7]lu [F]Bay
[Dm]And all the beaches are filled with peaches
Who [Am]bring their ukes a[F]long
And in the glimmer of the moonlight they love to [Db7]sing this [C7]song (pause)
{soc}If [F]you [Fmaj7]like [Dm]Ukulele [F]Lady
[F]Ukulele [Fmaj7]Lady like a' [Dm7]you [Fmaj7]
If [Gm7]you [C7]like to [Gm7]linger where it's [C7]shady
[Gm7]Ukulele [C7]Lady linger [F]too
If [F]you [Fmaj7]kiss [Dm]Ukulele [F]Lady
[F]While you promise [Fmaj7]ever to be [Dm]true [Fmaj7]
And [Gm7]she [C7]sees a[Gm7]nother Uku[C7]lele
[Gm7]Lady foolin' [C7]'round with [F]you

[Bb]Maybe she'll sigh (an awful lot) [F]maybe she'll cry (and maybe not)
[G]Maybe she'll [G7]find somebody [C]else by and by [C7]
To [F]sing to [Fmaj7]when it's [Dm]cool and [Fmaj7]shady
[F]Where the tricky [Fmaj7]wicky wacky [Dm]woo [Fmaj7]
If [Gm7]you [C7]like [Gm7]Ukulele [C7]Lady
[Gm7]Ukulele [C7]Lady like a' [F]you{eoc}
[F]She used to sing to me by moonlight on Hono-[Db7]lu--[C7]lu [F]Bay
[F]Fond memories cling to me by moonlight although I'm [Db7]fa-[C7]r a[F]way
[Dm]Some day I'm going, where eyes are glowing and [Am]lips are made to kiss
[F]To see somebody in the moonlight and hear the [Db7]song I [C7]miss (pause) 


If [Gm7]you [C7]like [Gm7]Ukulele [C7]Lady
[Gm7]Ukulele [C7]Lady like a' [F]you

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