Under the Sea

Little Mermaid

{title: Under the Sea}
{artist: Little Mermaid}
{c: calypso strum}
[C]The seaweed is [G]always [C]greener in somebody [G]else's [C]lake
[C]You dream about [G]going [C]up there, but that's just a [G]big mis[C]take.
[F]Just look at the [C]world around you [G]right here on the [C]ocean floor
[F]Such wonderful [C]things surround you, [G]what more is you [C]lookin' for?
Under the [F]sea, [C]under the [G]sea, [C]
Darling it's [F]better down where it's [G]wetter, take it from [C]me  [C7]
Up on the [F]shore they work all [G]day, out in the [Am]sun they slave a[D7]way
While we de[F]votin' full time to [G]floatin' under da [C]sea [G][C] [G][C]

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