nel blu, dipinto di blu

{title: Volare}
{artist: nel blu, dipinto di blu}
# UkuleleIke Songbook

[E7]Vo--[Am7]la--re, [E7]oh, [Am7]oh!
[D7]Can--[G]ta--re, [D7]oh, oh, oh, [Em]oh!
Let's [Am7]fly way [D7]up to the [G]clouds,
a[Am7]way from the [D7]madd'ning [G]crowds;
we can [Em]sing in the glow of a star that I know of,
where [Bm]lovers enjoy peace of mind,
Let us [B7]leave the confusion and all disillusion be[Em]hind.
Just like [Cm]birds of a feather a rainbow to[F7]gether we'll [Bb]find.[D7]
[E7]Vo--[Am7]la--re, [E7]oh, [Am7]oh!
[D7]Can--[G]ta--re, [D7]oh, oh, oh, [Em]oh!
No [Am7]wonder my [D7]happy heart [G]sings,
your [Am7]love has [D7]given me [G]wings.

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