When you're smiling

Louis Armstrong 1929

{title: When you're smiling}
{artist: Louis Armstrong 1929}
{define: G frets 0 2 3 2 fingers 0 2 3 1}
{define: D7 frets 2 0 2 0 fingers 2 0 3 0}
{define: Gmaj7 frets 0 2 2 2 fingers 0 2 2 2}

When you're [G]smiling, when you're [Gmaj7]smiling,
the [E7]whole world smiles with [Am]you;
when you're [Am]laughing, when you're [Am7]laughing,
the [D7]sun comes shining [G]through.
But when you're [G7]crying you [C]bring on the rain,
so stop your [A7]sighing, be [D7]happy again.
Keep on [G]smiling, 'cause when you're [E7]smiling
the [Am]whole world [D7]smiles with [G]you.

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